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At you can choose your home tutor from our wide database of talented tutors. You can also perform location, qualification, fees and specialization based searches to get the best suitable home tutor as per your need Home Tuitions. Our highly selected, experienced and qualified tutors provide one-to-one, private tuition in the comfort of your home.

We help Parents and Students to find Read More

About Scientia Education

SCIENTIA EDUCATION one of Guwahati’s fastest growing Institute for School Tutoring. Our team is well qualified to handle any kind of educational service.

We are always looking to register excellent tutors in Guwahati for our numerous clients. All subjects available for all classes. Our objective is to run an efficient service in order to provide individual tuition tailored to pupils’ specific needs in a vast range of subjects, levels and age groups. Read More

What career to choose after class 12th science? For those who have an interest in Biology and are looking forward to a career in Medical line can opt for courses… read more
10 Students per group * CBSE-NCERT * Regular Classroom Coaching IX-X (Science, Mathematics) XI-XII (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) / Engineering and Medical Entrance


Question: Are Youngsters Good Home Tutors?

Answer: The answer according to SCIENTIA is a Big “Yes”. Home tutoring is customized service. A person who has been teaching for 20 years maybe a good exam tutor but one can not guarantee that the teacher will be flexible enough to suit the demands of every individual as the experience has made him stuck to particular method of teaching…read more

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SCIENTIA Provides private one-on-one home tutoring for students in Guwahati for all Subjects and Classes:



Education is not just a matter of training the mind. Training makes for efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness. Knowledge and efficiency are necessary, which brings up by education. We work directly with parents and students to secure the best option possible for a child’s personal well-being and educational success. In order to make a successful placement, we often interview and collaborate with other people who are knowledgeable and important in the child’s life, i.e. extended family, teachers, guidance counsellors, therapists, and other professionals.

With Private Home Tuition, Student’s progress will get increased abundantly. Students will be without fear of other competing students around them. Read More

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